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It is our goal to provide a high level of customer service to our clients.  We strive to answer your questions within a few hours and usually are faster.  Contact for support by email is preffered.

For assitance with the website and user registration you may contact us 24 hours a day at:

[email protected]

During normal business hours you may also reach enrollment services by calling:

(951) 215-6427 during peak periods and when courses are in session you may be asked to leave a detailed message.  One of our friendly instructors will contact you as soon as possible


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RescueCPR provides American Heart Association and EMS Continuing Education Classes offered in Riverside County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County. Cities include  CPR in Temecula, CPR in Menifee, CPR in Murrieta, CPR in Corona, CPR in Lake Elsinore, CPR in Hemet, CPR in San Jacinto, CPR in Beaumont, CPR in Banning, CPR in Blythe, CPR in Palo Verde, CPR in Indio, CPR in Palm Springs, CPR in Palm Desert, CPR in Desert Hot Springs, CPR in San Diego, CPR in Oceanside, CPR in Carlsbad, CPR in Encinitas, CPR in Lakeside, CPR in El Cajon, CPR in Escondido, CPR in Apline, CPR in East Lake, CPR in Chula Vista, CPR in Vista, CPR in Newport Beach, CPR in Manhattan Beach, CPR in Huntington Beach, CPR in Anahiem, CPR in Buena Park, CPR in Cerritos, CPR in Los Angeles, CPR in Balwin Park, CPR in Monterey Park, CPR in Marina Del Rey, CPR in Inglewood, CPR in Van Nuys, CPR in Sylmar, CPR in Mission Viejo, CPR in Laguna Beach, CPR in Ontaria, CPR in Rancho Cucamonga, CPR in Victorville, CPR in Hesperia, CPR in Applevalley, CPR in Palmdale, CPR in Lancaster, CPR in Santa Clarita, CPR in Pasadena, CPR in Simi Valley, ACLS in Temecula, ACLS in Menifee, ACLS in Murrieta, ACLS in Corona, ACLS in Lake Elsinore, ACLS in Hemet, ACLS in San Jacinto, ACLS in Beaumont, ACLS in Banning, ACLS in Blythe, ACLS in Palo Verde, ACLS in Indio, ACLS in Palm Springs, ACLS in Palm Desert, ACLS in Desert Hot Springs, ACLS in San Diego, ACLS in Oceanside, ACLS in Carlsbad, ACLS in Encinitas, ACLS in Lakeside, ACLS in El Cajon, ACLS in Escondido, ACLS in Apline, ACLS in East Lake, ACLS in Chula Vista, ACLS in Vista, ACLS in Newport Beach, ACLS in Manhattan Beach, ACLS in Huntington Beach, ACLS in Anahiem, ACLS in Buena Park, ACLS in Cerritos, ACLS in Los Angeles, ACLS in Balwin Park, ACLS in Monterey Park, ACLS in Marina Del Rey, ACLS in Inglewood, ACLS in Van Nuys, ACLS in Sylmar, ACLS in Mission Viejo, ACLS in Laguna Beach, ACLS in Ontaria, ACLS in Rancho Cucamonga, ACLS in Victorville, ACLS in Hesperia, ACLS in Applevalley, ACLS in Palmdale, ACLS in Lancaster, ACLS in Santa Clarita, ACLS in Pasadena, ACLS in Simi Valley, PALS in Temecula, PALS in Menifee, PALS in Murrieta, PALS in Corona, PALS in Lake Elsinore, PALS in Hemet, PALS in San Jacinto, PALS in Beaumont, PALS in Banning, PALS in Blythe, PALS in Palo Verde, PALS in Indio, PALS in Palm Springs, PALS in Palm Desert, PALS in Desert Hot Springs, PALS in San Diego, PALS in Oceanside, PALS in Carlsbad, PALS in Encinitas, PALS in Lakeside, PALS in El Cajon, PALS in Escondido, PALS in Apline, PALS in East Lake, PALS in Chula Vista, PALS in Vista, PALS in Newport Beach, PALS in Manhattan Beach, PALS in Huntington Beach, PALS in Anahiem, PALS in Buena Park, PALS in Cerritos, PALS in Los Angeles, PALS in Balwin Park, PALS in Monterey Park, PALS in Marina Del Rey, PALS in Inglewood, PALS in Van Nuys, PALS in Sylmar, PALS in Mission Viejo, PALS in Laguna Beach, PALS in Ontaria, PALS in Rancho Cucamonga, PALS in Victorville, PALS in Hesperia, PALS in Applevalley, PALS in Palmdale, PALS in Lancaster, PALS in Santa Clarita, PALS in Pasadena, PALS in Simi Valley